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Friday, 11 May 2012

Suffer little sheepy to come to my plate . . .

Lamb chop production in Blacko

To Blacko for the Lambing Service - a rural C of E service held in a barn to say thank you to God for the safe delivery of the baby sheep.

Even though I had been to the lovely Charlotte's farm before, I could not remember for the life in me where it was and got horribly lost until I met the milkman, Philip, who pointed me in the right direction.  Unfortunately we missed the service but happily we were in time for tea and yummy cakes.

This here gaudily daubed sheep in the picture had just delivered a still born baby which must have put a bit of a damper on the 'Give Thanks for Safe Delivery' service.

She is in the strange 'stocks' kind of contraption so that two little orphaned lambs can feed from her.  If she was not trapped they wouldn't stand a chance of getting near her nipples.  She doesn't recognise the smell of the little 'uns and she doesn't want them anywhere near her.

I was told tonight that lavender is rubbed on the orphans and on the nose of the mother-of-the-stillborn in an attempt at uniting the two.  Sometimes the skin is taken off the dead sheep and put on the orphan but usually the lavender and stocks combination does the job and the mother gives in and starts happily feeding the orphans after two days.

I did feel sorry for the poor mum sheep, what with her being all restricted and everything but I just couldn't help salivating at the thought of lamb chops and lamb hotpot and lamb tagine.  I could go on.  Sorry vegetarians but God gave us carnivore's teeth and taste buds and the gift of being good shepherds.  I rest my case.

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