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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Johnnie be Bad . . .

Well, for me the highlight of tonight's Great British Menu was Simon nearly having a heart attack because he  forgot to plug in his bloody Frankenstein machine.  At least it got a smile out of Marcus.

And, I  realised  that I don't want Johnnie to be good at all.  When Aiden cheekily asked Johnnie which pud he thought was best I wanted him to say, "Well Aiden, I have to say that the desserts created by you and Simon today were . . . .(and then keep him waiting for at least 30 seconds as Prue Leith will be doing shortly) . . ." and then he should have cried, "Pants, compared to what I would have done."  Because Johnnie could have talked up his dish as much as he liked, no-one was ever going to taste it.  It would remain forever as the ultimate fantasy dessert.

Someone, I think it was Giles Coren  said the other week that all his favourite dishes were things he had never tasted - sometimes mad combinations which he new were best kept inside his head.  Johnnie missed his perfect opportunity to fill our heads with a dish so sublime that it was beyond creation.

Roast turkey courtesy of the Co-op £8!!
And here's our dinner for tonight.  Frozen, cheap as chips,turkey from the Co-op. I whacked it in the gas oven on number 9 for 20 mins after seasoning with celery salt and white pepper; then gave it 4 lengthy hours at number 1.  Perfect!

PS  When Johnnie was on the Great British Menu  last time I texted him saying, "Does Marcus love you or hate you, Johnnie?"  He passed this comment on to Marcus who replied, "I love you, Johnnie."  I still don't know.  Will we see Johnnie and Marcus with their own 'Two Fat Ladies' style programme next year?  Maybe. . .

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