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Friday, 11 May 2012

Oh no! Three missed calls from Johnnie Mountain and my blog has been removed from the BBC website!!!

Johnnie and the spam

BBC apology for my blog disappearing
All in all it's been a bit of a stressful day.  I published my blog this morning saying that Johnnie was no longer speaking to me and then the next thing I know, the link to my blog  on the BBC Great British Menu website suddenly disappears!  So, being me who is a bit paranoid, I thought the only reason it would have been removed would be if someone had made a complaint.  My prime suspect was Johnnie Mountain.  I thought he must be hopping mad that I had told the world about his having a strop with me.

AND THEN horrors or horrors, I was checking my spam and there was a message from Johnnie. From over a week ago! I have no idea how it got there as he is in my contact list but there it was - a reply to my e mail asking if he had fallen out with me.  It said, amongst other things, "Love ya more than ever. . .  super busy . . .thanks for all your support."

SUPPORT!  I e mailed him straight away to say I had just found him in spam and that I was really, really sorry but had just published my blog telling everyone how he was not my friend anymore.

When I looked at my 'phone a few minutes later I had 3 missed calls from Johnnie.  Fearfully I called him back to hear him say, "I hate you Watson!"  My knees were all of a tremble, I can tell you.

He was joking.  He'd read the blog, thought it was great and bore no malice for my sloppy spam checking.

I now have to go out to a Lambing Service in a barn in Blacko but will be back to watch GBM and blog about Johnnie later.  Phew!


  1. Look before you leap?
    Climb every Mountain til you find your frend ?
    Don't Panic
    Keep calm a d carry on Blogging younare doing great!
    Please ask Johnnie what he was doing for meat and pus courses
    AP W1x

    1. I've sent Johnnie a text asking him to e mail me the menu or put it on the blog. I think I heard a mention of roe deer and chocolate though . . .

  2. PS still can't type on this flippin Hi pad .....meant pudding
    AP x

    1. Yes, I was a little concerned that you wanted to know what the 'pus'course was? x

  3. Aww! I really feel sorry for that Aiden guy! :-(

    1. Yes, so do I and it's not just because Aiden was better looking. I'm still not convinced by that salad. My lovely husband is appalled that Aiden didn't get through.