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Thursday, 3 May 2012

At last a famous friend! Fernando's on the telly. . .

Fernando Peire is back on TV tonight as The Restaurant Inspector,  Channel 5, 9pm.  Don't miss it.  And I truly mean that because Fernando is another step along the road to publication for my book.

He very kindly took the time to read EATING MY WORDS recently to check I had all my facts right about who was who at The IvySheekey's and Quo Vadis back in 1999.  The 90's were my 'Ivy glory years' when, for part of that time, I was living in Soho.  Fernando became a friend when my partner (artist Sadie Lee) and I were irregular regulars in The Ivy's dining room.

Fernando sent Champagne to Sadie's first solo show as a 'Congratulations from The Ivy' gift and when I fell down the stairs while working at L'Escargot, breaking a rib, Fernando offered to send round Ivy take-aways.  I like to think that no-one has ever been offered an Ivy take-away before.  Feel free to prove me wrong.

Zoe has just looked at a picture of Fernando and said he looked 'really nice and very calm'.  And he is, apart from the time when we found him at the door to The Ivy in a bit of a flap because they had a new boy valet parking the diners' cars. He had parked them in vacant spots on the streets of Covent Garden and then, being unfamiliar with the area, promptly forgot their location.  Fernando sorted it, of course, because that's what he excels at.

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