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I have a book to publish. Editors love it, marketing departments say 'up the media profile'. So here I am 'upping it' and writing about the book, food, and life in general.

Other blogs I like

1)  A woman after my own heart here, Helen Graves writes the fabulous blog,  Food Stories.  Have a look at her Georgian food market piece; funny, informative, proper blogging.

2)  Martha Payne, only 9 years old and changing the world with her blog about school dinners.  After a spot of bother with Argyll council trying to ban her from taking photos of her meals, she is back on track and the publicity has helped her to raise £100,000 to build school kitchens in Africa.  Have a look at NeverSeconds.  The photos sent in by kids from around the world of their school lunches are fascinating.

3) I found this lovely lady, Cat Lo through Twitter.  From her review of Meatopia, the New York scary meat festival I thought she must be a  big hairy bloke.  Just look at her picture  Aftertaste by Lot18 and don't miss the fabulous picture of the carnage left after the festival.  A field o' bones.

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