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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Johnnie be good . . .

'We just want ya to be our teddy bear'
Now what you need to ask yourself is, would Johnnie ever choose the expression, "Sorry I threw all my toys out of the pram" or was he coerced?

And why did we not find out what Johnnie had in mind for his meaty main even if we were never going to see him cook it? We needed something to get our tastebuds going tonight because the rotting vegetables and un-melted  animal fat were just not doing it for us here in Lancashire.

What is the positive side of Johnnie no longer being in the game?  Well, at least it's one less chef saying, "I think it's pushing the boundaries, Marcus" which I, for one, am bloody sick of hearing.

Will Johnnie don his chef's whites again?  We could take a vote but I think it's unlikely.

PS   Adorable Elvis was Ged's other birthday present from me and the kids.  He is actually animated but can presently only perform a kind of 'Parkinson's disease' shake when turned on.  He needs a remote control so if there's anybody out there with one to spare, let me know.

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