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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Truffles are not to be trifled with

Truffle salt with knobs on
The  Hairy Bikers were at it with truffles this week - burying slices inside a whole Brie, making truffle butter.  Yum, yum, yum.

Our house is actually one gigantic truffle.  We live it and breathe it, our clothes smell of it.  We are The Truffle Family.

This is thanks to my sister, Maggie, who gave me a very fine Christmas present of O&CO. white truffle salt and black truffle oil.  I haven't even opened the truffle oil yet as the aroma escaping from the tightly closed truffle salt is about as much truffliness as we can take.

Ged, who always loved a bit of truffle oil on his steak or shitake mushrooms, has finally admitted that the pervading aroma of the truffle salt is beginning to make him feel queasy whenever he steps inside the house.  He has suggested we buy a little safe for it - not to stop anyone stealing it - but to keep its smelliness locked away.

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