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Monday, 23 April 2012

Direct Doorstep Marketing

"Mum, can we have some Walker's Stars?" asked Joe (6) in Tesco.

"Walker's what?  Where are they?  Have you seen them on the shelves or have you just seen the ad on TV?"

"I saw them on the doorstep." replied Joe.

Zoe (11) explained.  "It's how we find out about all the new snacks.  The empty packets end up outside our front door."

Strangely, all the litter of the neighbourhood seems to get sucked into a vortex and then deposited on our doorstep.  Daily.  Here is a photograph of today's selection with 'Spirals' (the pink packet) emerging as the most desirable newcomer of the day.

I try to clear them away before Ged leaves the house lest he file a report to the Police (see earlier post).

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