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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Liz Taylor's Diamonds for Foreplay

Did anyone see the amazing programme last night about Liz's jewels?  The highlight had to be Joan Collins remembering a dinner with Liz and Princess Margaret.  Liz was wearing her newly acquired, enormous diamond solitaire.  Princess Margaret remarked "It's a little vulgar though, isn't it?"  Liz handed the ring to PM and said, "Try it on".  As Princess Margaret slipped it on her finger, Liz said, "Not so vulgar now, is it?"

My favourite Liz Taylor film ever is X, Y and Zee where she ends up in bed with Mia Farrow.  For some reason it's not on the LoveFilm list and I need to see it again.  Especially as husband Ged has never seen it.

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