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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Queen and her sloths

Northern Life have asked if I can write about the Diamond Jubilee for my next column so I've been googling 'The Queen' for interesting facts.  A list of all the wild animals she's been given as presents could be a starting point.  I believe she gave her sloths to London Zoo.  I saw the sloths at London Zoo last week and if I had been given one as a pet I would definitely have kept it.  Sloths are so funny and just because they move so bloody slowly.  It must have taken ten minutes for the ZSL sloth to stretch it's leg and move from one branch to the next.  Queenie could have laid in bed being royally amused as her sloths tried to climb from one silken curtain to another.  And it's not as if she would have to clean up their poo herself, is it?

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