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Monday, 17 September 2012

Seoul Bakery, St Giles High St. Small, strange but scrumptious.

Hairdreser's with cafe (not a bakery)

Waiting and wasting away at the top o' the stairs

We tried getting in to Seoul Bakery      when we were in London in April but it was jammed.  Not difficult when there are only twelve seats in the whole restaurant.  We went next door to the place which used to be First Out Cafe Bar - back then a vegetarian spot for gay types (as I used to be).  Their 'Girl Friday' nights were one of the few places a girl could go on her own, drink a beer and not feel like a leper.  It's now Po Cha, Korean and very good but not as mad looking as Seoul Bakery next door.  Although we did overhear a man at the next table telling his guests, "In our country, when we eat this dish the fish is still alive."  Ooh-eeeh.  Which reminds me; my friend MJ showed us a film on his 'phone of a Fugu (blow fish) feast he had recently eaten in Tokyo.  It showed the flesh of the fish chopped into big chunks and STILL PULSING!!!!!

Back to Seoul Bakery.  I was with the kids and their friend Hanke.  They didn't really want to go there, mainly because we had been to Wagamama the night before and they were feeling a bit over Orientaled.  But I had to give it a go even if it meant taking the kids for a burger afterwards.

The first thing you notice about Seoul bakery is that it's not a bakery, it's a hairdresser's.  That's right, a hairdresser's.  You enter the hairdresser's door and take a seat at the top of the stairs which lead down to the salon and the loos. Then, when one of the twelve seats becomes free in the adjacent room, a lovely friendly Korean boy sits you down and gives you a menu.  The place seems to be a store room and is stacked with packs of loo rolls etc.  I felt we had discovered something underground and illicit and I fought back the temptation to ask what their food hygiene rating was.  Actually it never crossed my mind.

We ordered too much food because I was pretty sure that the children would hate most of it.  Here's what we had;
Korean dumplings, like a pot-sticker, veggie & yum

Seafood pancake.  Top marks from me and Hanke.

Chicken BiBimBap - a salad thing with fried egg

Spicy beef and another beef with rice and beansprouts

Little bit too spicy for Zoe

Crazy post-it wall
I thought everything was delicious although I did get a bit confused with 'BiBimBap' which I read as BarBeCue.  Bit of a shock when I got a salad on rice with cold chicken and a fried egg.  The seafood pancake was crisp and full of tiny bits of purple octopus; this was my favourite dish.  All in all, another good choice by me.

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