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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Miracle banana ice-cream

I was due to post this last Tuesday night before I packed to go to London for the week but, horror or horrors, I found I had a Twitter hacker.  I was alerted by a nice lady follower who said, "Gill, you have either been hacked or you're selling dodgy I-pads via Facebook".  This was confirmed by Johnnie Mountain who said I'd sent him a scary direct message.  I (or rather Mr Hack) had indeed sent out a message with a link to Facebook.  Of course, I dare not click on the link because I'm too scared of what it may do.  I've said sorry to all my followers and am astounded that they are still following.

Anyhow, it took all bloody night to sort it out and change all my passwords to ridiculous things I will never remember.  Hence it's taken two hours for me to get into this Blogger account.

BUT . . . before I went to London I heard of this 'one ingredient ice cream' through the Food 52  blog.  It sounded too good to be true so I tried it straight away.  Here we go . . .
Slice 6 bananas and freeze
Melt chocolate with 100ml cream, tsp vanilla

Leave to cool in fridge
Whizz frozen banana.  Don't stop 'til smooth
Smooth & creamy

Mix with chocolate/meringue

Yummy easy 'ice-cream'

I swear it's a bit of a miracle although it went through some odd stages before it became creamy. It took so long to reach the correct consistency that I thought it was going to un-freeze and become sloppy slime BUT suddenly there it was, frozen, smooth and quite delicious.  We added the chocolate sauce because we wanted to know if it would work.  And it did.

My only complaint is that I hoped it would be a soft scoop affair but no, it's solid as a rock once you've had it in the freezer but tempers up nicely without going slimy.  Bloody marvellous.  And I've just read a new comment on the Food 52 site which suggests adding a bit of vodka to keep it soft.

PS  I passed the Shanghai today and the windows are covered in newspaper.  This could mean that it's closed or it could mean they are re-decorating to bring it back to its former glory.  I hope the latter is the case.


  1. Gill - this looks brilliant. I've just taken a look at the original recipe as it seemed so unlikely. We've got into a bit of a home-made ice cream habit and often include a splash of booze - Amaretto is a big favourite – for that adult twist and to stop the ice cream becoming rock hard in the freezer. Here I'd be tempted to try folding some rum-soaked raisins into the banana. Delicious.

    1. Yes, the booze seems the way forward to keep it soft. Don't want the kids getting sozzled though so may have to eat the next batch on my own.